Safari 3.2.1

Safari 3.2.1 :

Publisher's description of Safari:

From Apple: 

  • With a simple, elegant interface, the Safari browser gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the Web. Features include: fast performance; an elegant user interface, easy bookmarks, pop-up Blocking, inline find, tabbed browsing, SnapBack, automatic form filling, built-in RSS, resizable text fields, private browsing, and security.

    Version 3.2.1 includes stability improvements.

Editor's review of Safari:

"End your browser hunt"

  • Apple has published a Windows version of their native browser. No, the sky has not fallen and we have yet to see the spontaneous evolution of avian bacon. 
  • What we do have is a major software publisher porting their once mono-platform browser with strong results. Much like iTunes, the Windows version of the Mac application works fine but lacks a certain tightness. It feels unfinished because it is. 
  • Safari lacks most customization features. Skins and other aesthetic options exist in the Mac version, but not here. Hopefully that feature will come later. Just about the only thing you can alter is the font. Toolbar icons can be swapped, but the Customize option is only accessible from the Menu bar. If you like right-clicking your way to a shapelier browser, Safari's going to make you feel fat and ugly. 
  • Safari does load pages quickly and didn't have any problems rendering Flash, although it crashed several times on Vista while processing Java. It's a memory sink, too, sometimes using three times as much RAM as Firefox when more than a couple tabs were opened. Tab sessions are savable--well, they would be savable, if the Reopen All Windows option under History worked.
  • The built-in Roboform is buggy, and although there are plenty of extensions for the Mac Safari, that functionality hasn't been ported over. Having a Safari engine to work with is a great boon for developers. For the average user, though, we'd recommend taking your browser hunt to more familiar grounds.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome:

Publisher's description of Google Chrome:

From Google: 

  • Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer, and easier. Use one box for everything--type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages. Thumbnails of your top sites let you access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab. Desktop shortcuts allow you to launch your favorite Web apps straight from your desktop.

Version Version includes unspecified enhancements.

Note: The Download Now link will take you to the Google Chrome Web site, where you must accept the end-user license agreement before downloading. Also, the 474K downloadable file is only a stub installer. You must remain connected to the Internet during installation to complete the full download of Google Chrome.

Editor's review of Google Chrome:

"Your browser needs a shine"

  • Chrome is Google's attempt to make the browser disappear and to focus on the applications and pages users are viewing, rather than on the border with its tools. Some of Chrome's basic underpinnings are quite novel, but people will recognize other features as they exist in other, open-source browsers on the market today. 
  • Currently only for Windows, Chrome is blazingly fast and is easily the quickest browser available. Based on Webkit, the same open-source engine that powers Apple Safari and Google's Android mobile platform, Chrome's interface is a drastic departure from other browsers.
  • Instead of the traditional toolbar, Chrome puts its tabs on top. Moreover, the tabs are detachable: "tabs" and "windows" are interchangeable here. Detached tabs can be dragged and dropped into the browser, and tabs can be rearranged at any time. By isolating each tab's processes, when one site crashes, the browser does not. 
  • Within each tab are individual controls, such as forward and back buttons. The search box and the address bar have been fused into a hybrid "Omnibox." The Omnibox includes not only suggestions for URLs culled from your browser's history, it also includes search suggestions from your search engine, and remembers site-specific search engine results.
  • There's also Application Shortcuts, a feature that allows you to create desktop icons for Web-only applications, such as Gmail or Calendar. The stealth mode, Incognito, lets you surf without the history recording cookies. 

    Chrome lacks plug-ins, and there's the potential for high memory usage given that each tab is its own process. If you're addicted to Web apps and a need for speed, though, Chrome just might be the shine your browsing experience has been looking for.

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Avant Browser

Avant Browser :

From Avant Force: 

Make your own customized skins using this intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful program.

Avant Browser Publisher's Description:

Avant Browser is a fast, stable, user-friendly, versatile tabbed web browser, which features with many functions such as Pop-up Stopper and Flash Ads Filter, AutoFills, Online Profile Storage, RSS Reader, Safe Recovery, Integrated Cleaner etc. 

Online Profile Storage: Avant Browser can save users' bookmarks, RSS Feeds, configurations or web passwords etc, in Avant online storage. In this way, users can access their personal data from anywhere, office, home or an Internet cafe, and don't need to worry about losing those data when re-install windows. 

AutoFills: Help users to memorize web passwords, and fill passwords for users with one click. 
Flash Animation Filter: More than 85% of all flash animations on web pages are advertising, and normally take up to 90% of the size of the page you're visiting. With Avant Browser you can save the bandwidth by blocking the download of these flash files with just one easy click. 

Built-in AD/Pop-up Blocker: Easily eliminate unwanted AD banners and pop-up pages automatically with just one click. 

Built-in RSS/ATOM Reader: Avant Browser has a built-in RSS/ATOM Reader, which allows you to read RSS/ATOM feeds just like browsing web pages. And you can also keep your favorite feeds as bookmarks. 

Additional Mouse Functions: If you click a link in the web page with the middle mouse button, the link will be opened in a new window in the background. This feature is extremely useful for opening posts in forums. Avant Browser also comes with customizable Mouse Gestures, with which you can easily navigate the browser by moving the mouse. 

Control Your Privacy: With Avant Browser, you can keep your privacy by deleting all browsing traces such as: Typed Addresses, Auto-Complete Passwords, Cookies, History of Visited Web Sites, Temporary Internet Files and Search Keywords. 

Safe Recovery: If Avant Browser is closed improperly, all open web pages are saved and will be automatically reopened at next startup.

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